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Last minute seasonal shopping tips

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, don’t panic. If you have gifts to purchase, there are still plenty of opportunities to find great deals and get discounts. Since you’re working on a tight time frame, it can be tempting to grab the first thing you see and buy it, even if it’s not wallet-friendly. Before you do that, take a few minutes and read these tips.

Get organized:

It may be the last minute, but if you have at least an hour to spare, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money. Get a list together of everything and everyone you need to shop for, take a quick look at your finances and decide on a spending limit to keep yourself in check.

Online shopping saves time and money:

When you’re short on time, you can cover a lot more ground if you shop online. Scan deals, scroll through gift guides and search for the perfect gift with a few clicks. You can even multitask and shop while travelling or during your lunch break.

Ship it for free:

Before you hit “buy,” always look for a free shipping option first. Or do enough of your shopping at one store to hit the minimum spending limit. Another way to save on shipping is to pick up your purchase in a retailer’s location.

Print your gift:

If you’re really out of time but need a great gift idea, think about what you can buy and print off your own computer. Subscriptions, gift certificates, tickets, experiences and memberships are all great “instant” gifts that still carry thought and sentimentality to delight your friends and family. Consider vouchers to spas, concerts, cooking classes and more.

Donate your time:

Maybe you have an older family member who could use help around the house or needs something repaired. Perhaps you know a couple of new parents who could really use a night to themselves. Pick up a nice card and write inside how you’d like to help them out after the holidays. When you give it to them, compare schedules and pick a date right away, so your gift doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. This is a thoughtful and easy gift idea that leaves a lasting impression. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing. 

When in doubt, give a gift card:

You’re on your way to the party, and time got away from you. Pull into your nearest shopping store or supermarket and grab a gift card that you know will be used. It shows a little more thought than cash and is consistently one of the most requested gifts of the holiday season.

Hopefully these tips save you some time, money and hassle – and leave just enough room to enjoy the holiday season and all the magic it has to offer.

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